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September…a month to remember

Hello everyone,

In this sunny day, in the middle of September I’m thinking about the hot summer days which just passed, the plans for our vacations that we all had, for all those memories we made… and slowly start to setting up my mind with the thought of the upcoming fall season. All those colours and last sunny days…the mornings and evenings become chilly, but there is still shiny and bright hours in middle of the day… isn’t it pretty?!

Some of us start to feel a little depressed,right…and only the thought for the Holiday season cheers you up…right? 😛

In the past I didn’t enjoy a lot the Christmas holidays, but for the last five years that feeling got changed because of my boyfriend (now my husband). He made me feel the joy of that cold days…and showed me actually how nice is to have homemade dinner, nice movie to watch and sharing a glass of nice red wine (one of my favourites). Love could change everything, isn’t it? Now I’m thinking…why we have to feel so nostalgic about the past season (spring, summer, fall and etc.) and just don’t enjoy what the upcoming season is offering to us. Why is so easy for us to focus on the sad/nostalgic part of the things and just not turn your energy into a positive vibe for what is coming in our lives. Even with the lockdown situation this spring, most of my friends were acting in a negative way, instead of just accept the real situation and try turn it in a positive way for you. Isn’t it easier to feel sad instead of just happy?!

We are the only one responsible for our own happiness, if we refuse to see the beauty of the future and still feel stuck in our past…it’s no one else’s problem..it’s our own.

So yes, seasons change….and there is nothing bad about it…enjoy every moment guys!

Life is too short…smile more often 🥰

Hope my post gives you a positive vibe and makes you smile even once today 💕




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Healthy life or where is the thin red line

Hello guys, today I would like to discuss something different with you.

It’s all about the healthy life that literally deluge our everyday life. I mean…how many of you were having organic food instead of a random one ten years ago, how many of you used to go to the gym or make some home workouts…used to eat chia, avocado, quinoa and etc… How many of you are people who can’t live without activities. I’m one of them…I confess, but that’s because I used to play rhythmic gymnastics for 9 years and I grew up with sports in my life. But also, when I was younger I used to eat much more carbs, fat and junk food than nowadays and this is also because the healthy life has such a good marketing strategies not only in my country but all over the world. And it is something great, because one of the most popular diseases this days is the obesity of the population.

But I want to tell you something, mostly to the women who are reading my post (unfortunately we are the part of the humanity that is affected mostly by the fit and healthy bodies, trying to be and look perfectly in the eyes of the people around us) this is a thin red line and if you don’t know how and where is your limit the results of that lifestyle aren’t healthy at all…and yes, I’m talking exactly about anorexia and bulimia.

The joy of a salad is that it can be made up from almost anything and it will always provide you with a healthy, colorful, and fun food experience.

It all starts in your mind…someone told you “hey, it looks like you gained some weight” or even more innocent “ I like your muffin top” and than you decide to start living much more healthy life and to rid of those couple pounds extra…all right, good idea, to exchange the grease junk food with their healthy equivalents, to eat more veggies…but some people can’t just keep that and seeing how much weight they lost just want to continue that way…and this is exactly the begging of that spiral of that terrible diseases.

There is nothing wrong to want for your self to have a healthy body and healthy mind, to workout, to try to eat healthy and good food, but believe me if you start to feel good only when you see how much kg you lost…just stop for a while and make a cheat day or even week…my point is to learn where is that red line and to learn how to not cross it.

My all point is that we should learn how to love our bodies whenever they are…stretch marks or not, cellulite or no…this is our body… everything could change nowadays…there is aesthetic procedures, cosmetics, healthy meal plans, home workouts and etc. , but if we don’t feel that love and respect to our own bodies nothing of that would be satisfying for us…and we will end up wanting more and more and all that efforts won’t be ever enough for us.

So think about it…look your self in the mirror and say “hey, gorgeous, you look amazing today” !

Thank you guys for reading my story today! This topic is really sensitive for me either, so if you like it, you know what to do 😉

Have a great day!




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One year down and forever to go…

I still remember the way my heart leaped when you got down on your knee and asked me to be your wife. Of course I said yes, and I’d say it all over again. Yes to you. Yes to this life we’ve made. A thousand times YES to our love!

On this special day last summer we said the official YES in front of our parents, relatives and friends…yes, everyone says the first one sometimes is the sweetest, but the sour one too. Our wasn’t the exception, but I truly believe that as many bumps we have on our road together as stronger we’ll stay as a couple and partners in this life…wasn’t that actually what people called marriage?!

It’s not always roses and unicorns, it’s not only dinners on the sea cost, watching the sunset together and enjoying each other company. It’s not only passion, love and sweet moments. I wish for us to keep going through all those moments together hand by hand, like through all happy ones too! The most important part is that I believe in us and in our love, I believe that we are able to resist the time and the difficulties and stay together still looking in each other eyes like on those day!

I love you, my darling and always will fight for our team!

Thank you all, for sharing this special day with me!

Have a great Monday!




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Multitasking…or just trying to survive

Hi guys, today I would like to share with you my experience as a multitasking mother, wife, woman and etc.

Nowadays is hard sometimes to be mother of a toddler, working 40 hours a week and trying to be also good wife, daughter, friend… housekeeper, cook…to work out 4-5 times a week, to spend quality time with your kid and with your husband…to be a good looking young woman with nice hair, always perfect nails…come on…who could do all that 😂 I mean…one day is just 24 hours…and for me, if I have to be honest, are not enough…

Sometimes my son goes to bed after 11 PM and yes, I don’t have the power to wash my hair for example after that time, because we usually wake up around 8 o’clock in the morning…and yes, mommy needs some sleep too.

Another topic is that we sleep almost 8 hours now, after our baby boy turned 2,5 years, before that we used to be awake several times during one night.

I don’t have someone who’s helping me with the domestic work…so I either have to send my son and husband out at the playground to try to clean the house meanwhile or have to spend also some quality time with my family. My point is that I rather choose to spend some time with my husband and kid than loose it with housekeeping…and no, my house is not a total mess but it’s not also like just got shot in a magazine, especially with a toddler in it 😄

Me and my husband are privileged to receive help with our boy from my gorgeous mother, who always takes him with her when we need a little break, because parents are people too and we as a lot of you probably need a break, to spend some time alone, to be able to do our own things as a couple not only as a parents. And for me this is very important…to keep that sparkle in your relationship.

Sometimes is better to leave some dirty dishes in the sink and to turn the washing machine later, because the time spent with your kid is priceless… the dishes could wait, but your kid won’t be a kid for a long time and one day you’ll miss all those little moments…. it’s priceless, believe me 🥰

Multitasking or not, there always will be hard times being a woman these days, but it’s up to us if we allow all those stereotypes and expectations to make our days harder or to just hug your kid, kiss your husband and go out for a walk with a sink full of dirty dishes 😉

Thank you for reading my story guys!

Have a wonderful Saturday!




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After all, seasons change…so do people

Hello guys,

Today I’m thinking about how do we all change ourselves. Some of us for good reasons some of us change, because of a bad experience in life…and etc., but we all change during our journey, called life.

Definitely the birth of my baby boy changed me the most. He was expected baby, but suddenly once he was born everything I felt confident about taking care of a newborn, just disappeared. Sleepless nights( literally two years),crazy days…bottles, formulas…baby food…teething and all that… I was exhausted…

But all that is part of the motherhood and it’s worth every day and night. Now when I turn back to those days I feel so happy for the possibility to be a mom to this amazing boy!

To be a mom is blessing for me and yes, I don’t understand women who doesn’t want to have kids…, but this is only my honest opinion and nothing more. Everyone has his own right to choose either to be a parent or not. So no judgment guys, but it’s amazing 😉

even in this cases 🙈

Thank you everyone who red my story today, if you like it…you know what to do ☺️

Wishing you a great Friday and weekend ahead!




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Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn

No matter what happens there always is a sunrises and sunsets in our days and lives…so stop for a second and just enjoy that moments of beauty and peace.

I always connect the summer with the most beautiful sunsets and because I adore summertime, I love those moments….just sit somewhere quietly with a glass of cold wine in one of my hands and just watch that gorgeous colors in the sky, especially when I have a chance to watch this beauty from the sea cost.

After all all that matters in our lives is love…a grateful heart full of love, an open mind and a little pinch of positive energy… and everything will be all right 💖

Wishing you an amazing sunset view today!




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Relationships…what do we actually know about them

Hi guys, today I’m thinking about our relationships…the relationship with our partner, with our parents, kids, with ourselves even. What do we actually know and what do we actually do to keep them stronger. How well do we actually know our partner for example, does he/she still surprise you with some new info about his/her’s personality?

Nowadays is very complicated to keep the sparkle in your relationship, that little flame which makes butterflies in your stomach. Some people think that they know each other so good, they love each other, they support each other and suddenly one day they wake up in the morning to realise that this is not their life anymore,they are not on that page…people could change and one day this person you woke up with could be a stranger for you and this is scary, because for example 10 years ago you and him/her gave those beautiful vows in-front of each other and now you are two completely different people. You have kids, mortgage and bills to pay, the kids have their own needs and etc. And one day this fairytale ends, because you wake up one morning to see that you actually don’t know your partner anymore. Well probably there is worst scenarios, but most of the couples have experienced that little crisis in their relationships and the only reason that happens is because we take our partner for granted, because we don’t fight for that love every day, we let our current problems (job, bills, domestic problems and etc.) to be bigger than the feeling of joy and love to our partnership, yes, because one relationship is a partnership too.We could talk a lot at this topic, but my point is to tell you not only my point of view, but to encourage may be some of you to swallow your ego and to say “I’m sorry” or “I love you” ;”I appreciate what you do every day” to your partner TODAY…even for those of you who are in love with someone and he doesn’t know that…go ahead, express your feelings, tell that person you love him…and for some reason if he says “I can’t answer back to your feelings”, all right… so this isn’t your true soulmate and you need to know that information to go ahead with your life and find that real one …the love of your life, the answer to your dreams. We are the only people who is responsible for our own life and happiness, remember that! And never give up on love 💓

So this became a bigger blog and my point was actually to see what do you guys think about that, to share your experience with me in the comments below. Thank you to those of you who red it,who left me a comment and like and hope reading my page makes you smile at least once today 💕




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My life…my choices…my moments

Hello everyone, thank you so much for joining me in my new adventure 💖

In my previous post I shared some info about my life (if you didn’t read it, now is the time you could do it 😛) , now I’m gonna introduce myself a little bit more. My name is Elitsa, but you could call me Ell’s or Elly, I’m from Sofia, Bulgaria, I currently live there and I decided to start this blog,because this is something I really wanted to do last couple years, but I wasn’t maybe brave enough to start, or wasn’t the right time for that. Nowadays I feel much more confident to start and just type some of my thoughts, desires, choices, travel experience, parenting and etc. That’s my point…if you wanna do something…just do it, don’t worry about who’s gonna like it, who’s gonna criticise you and who’s gonna support you…don’t be afraid to start…even if you fail, you can stand up and continue fighting for what matters to you and what makes you feel happy! Life is too short, literally … so fight for you dreams and don’t let the fear or some kind of insecurity to take that dream apart from you!

Be brave my dears and smile to this world, let your minds and souls be full of love and the Universe will answer you back the same way 💕

Born to stand out, not to fit in 🦩

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All you need is love…and summer

We all need a little piece of summer in our everyday life 💖

And a little gesture of love

And some reason to smile…

Those pure moments of happiness…when you see your little boy smiling and how your husband’s eyes glowing

Yes, I love those little our moments 💕

Vitamin Sea is the best way to stay healthy
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Life as we know it

Today was the day when I finally realised that I could turn my hobby into something much more exciting…and yes, I decided to start this blog… so this is my first release…

Today I thought a lot about our life after the big step and I’m not talking about marriage, I’m talking about the decision to have a baby. For the people who doesn’t know me, I’m a proud mom of 2,5 years old baby boy…and yes, that 2,5 years was difficult…not only for me and my body, but for my personal relationship with my husband. We weren’t married when the baby was born, but our relationship changed a lot…and the question is who’s didn’t. These days I red a post for two people that I swore in God was crazy in love…and guess what, after their beautiful baby girl was born, they announced to all their followers that they are no longer together. Yes, when the baby comes everything is changing,right? There is no longer long dates, nights out, vacations and etc, except if you don’t have strong help so called also as grandparents. But even then…you two…are no longer just you too and if both of you don’t work extremely hard to keep that part of your own flame as a couple…everything goes apart. Probably some of you won’t agree with me and say that it’s just that faze, but let’s face it, nothing stays the same after your little monkey comes at this world. And I’m saying this in a good way, because we need that challenges, because we all need to grow up together and build that strong family we only dreamed about in the past.
This is life, either you accept the challenge or either fall in the deep rabbit hole…life as we know it, so fight for your dreams and follow them with hearts full of love.